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Wireless Systems Solutions (WSS), a leading provider of broadband wireless access products and solutions, today announced the launch of the Mobile Broadband Platform line of products or “MBP” for short. The new MBP is a software defined platform capable of supporting a high level of virtualization and optimization for multiple communities including First Responders and the DoD. The MBP is the first of its kind bringing broadband, routing, switching and a computing server appliance together all in a single low SWaP enclosure with robust and reliable performance. There are multiple options supported for each function (routing, switching server) that allow for customization. Order and select the number of ports for a switch, what kind of router, and whether the server runs Windows or Linux.

  • Embedded Router:

Cisco or ESR

  • Embedded Server:

X86 or Linux

PLI, RoIP, IMS, Video Transcoder and Video Server, Traffic Compression and Optimization SW

  • Switch 4-24 ports
  • 802.11 AC WiFi
  • USB 3.0 (2-4 ) Ports
  • Radio LTE Support for all 4 major US operators FirstNET
  • Radio Aware Routing
  • GPS derived location based services
  • IP Multicast support for multicast applications
  • Radio Aware Routing
  • IOS based Firewall and Policy Enforcement
  • IPsec VPN with NSA CSfC Suite B support
  • MIL-STD810G compliant enclosure, fan-less cooling, lowest SWaP on the market
  • Easy to use configuration manager:

Interoperability options for multiple management systems

Cisco, ESXI, NetCool, MyCell

WSS understands that many customers are looking for maximum flexibility and simplicity in both the configuration, and deployment of their communications and network support subsystems. With this in mind, WSS has developed the MBP family that offers robust performance in the toughest environments while fulfilling the most challenging requirements.

David Gross, WSS’s Vice President of Product Marketing, commented that “WSS is committed to providing customers with high-performance low-cost broadband access solutions with high-availability mobile access. For too long there have been a limited number of major competitors in this space. This produces artificial obstacles to offering customers solution they need.”

About Wireless Systems Solutions.

Based in the Research Triangle Park area in Durham, North Carolina, Wireless Systems Solutions (WSS) is a designer and developer of end-to-end multi-standard, frequency band agnostic, and wireless network solutions for multiple markets. WSS also provides high performance network infrastructure solutions for demanding markets including unique architectures that incorporate the need for tiered levels of intelligence going from the device to the cloud.

By encompassing the connectivity, device and analytics at all levels, WSS is able to effectively reduce delays in response and network burden while providing post or historical, real-time and predictive analytics.

WSS’ solutions are targeted at hybrid networks, distributed and cloud based solutions that require real-time data connectivity, analysis and response and are designed for multi-mode flexibility and efficiency (size, scalability, functionality, ease of integration deployment).

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