WWE 2K18 has Virtual Currency – but microtransactions are off the cards

WWE 2K18 will include Virtual Currency, but will not allow players to purchase additional in-game currency with real world money, 2K has confirmed.

Following the recent controversy surrounding NBA 2K18‘s use of ‘VC’, Trusted Reviews wanted to find out if we could expect the same level of microtransaction integration in the company’s next sports title. Fortunately, executive producer Mark Little explained that this won’t be the case.

“We don’t have purchased VC in our game,” Little explained when asked if players would be able to buy additional currency to accelerate progression of unlocks or in the game’s career modes. “Right now, in our game, like the way it has been for the past couple of years, every time you play, regardless of what mode you’re in, you’re earning VC.”

He went on: “So you can still spend your VC however you see fit, you can dump it all into your MyPLAYER, you can use it to unlock new wrestlers on the main roster, you can do whatever you want. Along with that, we’ve had the MyPLAYER Kickstart DLC, which you can purchase, or comes as part of the Season Pass or Deluxe Version, and that gives you a big bump ahead, a huge drop of VC and some more attribute points for your MyPLAYER so you can really speed them along.

“The idea is that the VC system isn’t put to be a gate for people, it’s put to be there so people can earn there way there.”

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WWE 2K18 will feature a loot crate system, where players can buy crates which will include randomly generated items including custom clothing for MyPLAYER, boosts to temporarily improve stats in the new Road to Glory mode, virtual currency drops and additional wrestling moves.

2K also confirmed the lack of paid microtransactions on Twitter:

WWE 2K18 launches October 17 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, though fans can get early access to the game by pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition of the game.

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