Xbox One X back in stock on Amazon for pre-order

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is back for pre-order on Amazon with under two weeks to go from its November 7 launch, having been sold out of the site for some time.

Claimed by Microsoft as “the world’s most powerful console”, the Xbox One X promises 4K at 60fps with a handful of games at launch, either through offering the high-resolution natively or by using checkerboard rendering.

As such, the console has garnered the excitement of gamers keen to see what six teraflops of power can do in a rather svelte console, which despite its processing power is smaller than the original Xbox One.

The Xbox One X won’t be cheap though, setting buyers back £449.99 at its launch; for context, the PlayStation 4 Pro is currently priced at £318.99 on Amazon.

It’s worth noting that the original Xbox One package cost £500, though that came with the soon-to-be discontinued Kinect, and had a price cut not long after its 2013 launch. So if the Xbox One X seems to expensive at the moment, there’s a chance it could come down in price in the near-future.

But £450 is arguably the price one must pay to have the most powerful games console of all time, and unlike Sony, Microsoft has thrown in a 4K Blu-Ray player into is upcoming halo console.

Not that Microsoft is offering much else other than power and 4K credentials in its Xbox One X package; only one controller is included. Buyers will get a free 14-day trial to Xbox Live Gold as well as a one month Xbox Game Pass subscription trial, but for the price that’s not a great deal of extras.

We’ll have to wait to put the Xbox One X through its paces before we can say for sure if its power and 4K chops justifies it being the most expensive games console in the market.

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