Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 appears set to feature a stylus

Xiaomi’s second full-sized foldable phone – let’s take a punt and call it the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 – could well include an S Pen-like stylus.

That’s the intriguing tidbit of information to have emerged from a recently spotted patent filing.

As observed by MySmartPrice, the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) patent filing shows off a classic foldable phone in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 mould, but with one notable addition.

The new Xiaomi foldable appears to have a large stylus affixed to its left edge, seemingly through a magnetic system. Even Samsung didn’t integrate its own peerless S Pen quite so tightly with the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Rumour has it that the Mix Fold 2 will feature a 120Hz internal display and a 90Hz external display. That latter component would drop it a little short of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, but remember that this is supposed to be a secondary screen.

Otherwise, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 appears to be similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold (pictured) that launched earlier in 2021. That device featured a 108MP camera, a Snapdragon 888 SoC, and an 8.01-inch foldable QHD+ display.

All in all, it was an impressive-looking foldable, spoiled as ever by Xiaomi’s ongoing software issues. With the US maintaining its sanctions, there was no way this promising foldable was able to feature Google Play Services support, thus scuppering its chances outside of China.

Xiaomi is also looking at launching a rival to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, not to mention the Honor P50 Pocket. The same source has spotted a similar patent for a Xiaomi clamshell foldable, complete with a dual camera and a tiny external display.

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