Your Instagram profile page could be ready for a radical overhaul – here’s how

Instagram appears to be working on a feature that would enable users to customise the image grid on their profile pages.

While the traditional photo and video posts are currently arranged newest first, the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi has discovered evidence Instagram will let users arrange them however they wish.

This could let people seeking to promote their work, talents or other skills (photography, heaven forbid!) to put their best foot forward, so to speak. It could also work well for those people who like to arrange artistic collages, or those who are using Instagram to sell their own products.

The “edit grid” evidence discovered by Paluzzi, apparently within a version of Instagram out in the wild in some form, suggests it’ll be a drag and drop type affair too.

The leak comes after Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced major feed changes are planned for 2022 last week. The company is bringing back the option to revert to a chronologically-ordered feed, which to the delight of long-time users.

The company is testing three new feed options, with a view to rolling them out later this year. Mosseri said the changes will help ensure “people feel good about the time they spend in the app.”

The current look, Home, has been earmarked for an influx of recommended content, so the company is planning in adding Favourites, showing every post from accounts you wish to follow, while Following, which is a chronological feed from accounts you follow. No recommended content here, aside from the ads the company is sure to flood it with.

Instagram is yet to confirm whether the feature is in the works or not, but it could be a popular feature among users who’ve designed their businesses around their Instagram profiles pages. Would you be in favourite of an edit grid feature? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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