"You’re the No. 1 Worldwide Trend on Twitter Right Now"


Happy birthday Twitter, and how it has changed our lives over the last nine years?
As I write this blog I can’t stop laughing…. LOL, say it with a hashtag, is twitter making us more opinionated on every issue? Has admiration of the strongly opinionated increased, are we now looking at “Reality social media” celebrities?

Are opinions a bad thing? After all, we don’t mind opinions when they agree with our own. It only differs when people don’t agree with our opinions and we pronounce that they are either mistaken, misinformed or some completely ignorant. We’ve all become opinionated in this easy to share social media world. Do you achieve what you want to from social media or allow discussion through linking comments on issues you are interested in? Still keeping control or do you frequently get into arguments?

“You’re the No. 1 worldwide trend on Twitter right now” is that every 140 characters tweep’s goal? Twitter is the queen of all news, first thing I look at in the mornings is at the trends, and the linking comments on those trending issues. Nine years of twitter now a habit and how we consume information.

Trending topics with the hashtag shake things up and spark innovation. All about what people are talking about and saying it with their own hashtag. Every time we watch the news, documentary, TV shows we tweet our opinions and make comments while becoming social TV critics. We sometimes provide social reporting live as it happens. Forget going to Hyde Park Corner we can now stand on our soapbox, and tell it like it is. Show a little attitude. Share an opinion. Review, comment and critique. We have a voice and it tweets! But sometimes that 140 Characters tweet is misunderstood, so should Twitter have a “Sorry” icon added to the site?

However, we don’t always recognise our own prejudices. Our individual maps of what is offensive and what is worthwhile are often determined by social trending, the power blogger, the journalist, all yearning to impress so badly, as well as gaining a million views.

We go to the Social media for information. Who do you think provides that information? People like you and me. Our opinions are a collection of not only our own experiences, but the shared experiences of others as well. Our intentions are usually good. We want to inform, advice, help and protect. Our insight makes the Internet more meaningful.

Unpopular opinions may not win any prizes, but they do shake things up, and create more thought provoking fresh injection of ideas. People want to think “outside the box” and become thought leaders, but this only happens when you give the box a different prospective, or a good kick.

I am just saying those folk out there who don’t always recognise their own prejudices are some of the people morally superior because they don’t like your opinions? If you’re an activist trying to do something important, I respect you (salute). But sometimes to avoid conflict you find yourself giving in to difficult or opinionated people.

You’d feel better if you could stand up for what you feel is right, but you need to know how to do it gracefully and without making things worse. Sometimes I don’t see why I should have to.
When a patronising tweep starts, instead of feeding the fire with counter arguments, just respond with neutral comments. It’s OK, they aren’t really interested in your opinion, nor will your consent change their opinion about you. They just want you to hear them right now. Dry them out………

Having strong opinions will certainly up your engagement , some call it the “Top Gear principle”, but it might not be the engagement you want. More importantly is to assess whether what you are doing is interesting to your followers. “Please challenge and provoke me”, put on the Judge Judy wig and robe, and shout at the tweeter while reading it off the screen, every time you read something you don’t like.

Judge Judy is known across the globe as the toughest, no nonsense judge around, but did you know that Judge Judy makes $123,000 a day. You can read mine for free……

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