Flex NBA Series One Sells Out, Series Two Ships in February

Flex NBA, the world’s first pro sports Augmented Reality (AR) board game, announced a successful debut with the sellout of its Series One Player Tiles (called Flexagons) and the presale launch of its Series Two Flexagons.

Flex NBA from Sequoia Games is a Battle Tile Game (BTG) that fuses NBA players and teams, the latest in AR technology through the game’s mobile companion app, and a registration system that digitally identifies and tracks ownership of a player’s Flexagons.

The front of each Flexagon features original, hand-drawn artwork depicting individual NBA stars designed by various artists. The back of the Flexagon outlines gameplay powers called “Flexes.” Each Flexagon features an AR animation that comes alive when partnered with the game’s mobile companion app.

Series One Flexagons were sold in individual packages or in a group of ten as part of the Flex NBA Starter Kit, which facilitates game play. Series One Flexagons, which shipped to consumers in early January along with the first Flex NBA Starter Kits, feature more than 200 NBA players. Additional Flexagons can be purchased in a variety of expansion kits – capitalizing on the excitement of unboxing – since buyers will not know what players are in the packs.

Series Two Flexagons include Rookie of the Year candidates such as Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets and players who made team and/or number changes, like Russell Westbrook and LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers. Series Two Flexagons will be sold individually, in new deluxe two player starter sets with ten Flexagons, or in NBA team-specific single players starters with five Flexagons.

Customers wishing to ensure early access to Series Two Flexagons can order a Series Two Flex Token at http://www.flexNBA.com. For $100 the token provides priority over other pre-order customers and includes four Series Two Flexagons, one Series Two Deluxe Starter Kit with two player boards and ten unique Flexagons, four Deluxe FX Tiles and one Exclusive Flex Knit Beanie (a $140 value).

Standard pre-orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis once Flex Token redemptions have been fulfilled. Flex Tokens can be redeemed immediately, and the product will ship in February 2022.

For more information on Sequoia Games, Inc. visit http://www.sequoiagames.com and follow on Twitter, Instagram and all social media platforms at @Flex_Meta.

About Sequoia Games, Inc.

Sequoia Games, Inc. is an officially-licensed sports gaming company, creating games that seamlessly connect physical and digital experiences. Flex NBA, the company’s first product, is an officially-licensed board game created in partnership with the NBA and National Basketball Players Association. The battle tile game fuses professional sports, the latest in augmented reality (AR) technology through the game’s mobile companion app, and a registration system that identifies and tracks ownership of player tiles, called Flexagons. Visit http://www.sequoiagames.com and http://www.flexnba.com for more information.

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