How to shoot 48MP images on the iPhone 14 Pro

The RAW option isn’t appearing? If the RAW icon doesn’t show in your camera app, open Settings > Camera > Formats and make sure the ProRAW option is toggled on. Now head back to the camera app. How large are these photos? These RAW photos shot at 48MP are big. For example, while a regular 12MP tak
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What is Amazon Prime Early Access Sale?

Amazon is gearing up for another Early Access Sale this year so you can hopefully make some savings even ahead of Black Friday. But what is the Early Access Sale, and when does it start? We’re here to answer those two questions so you can better understand what Amazon Prime Early Access is, and the best
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How to change the Lock Screen clock font in iOS 16

Here is the easiest way to change your Lock Screen font in iOS 16 on an iPhone. The iOS 16 update has brought a plethora of new features to the iPhone series, with users now being able to edit iMessages after they’ve been sent, select an object from an image and copy it and customise their wallpaper. Fr
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How to change your Apple Watch strap

Here is how you can change the wrist strap on an Apple Watch. Apple released a batch of new Watches during its Far Out event, including the latest Apple Watch Series 8, as well as the more affordable Apple Watch SE 2 and the durable and rugged Apple Watch Ultra. While Apple Watches offer a plethora of f
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How to check which version of iOS you’re on

Here is how to check what version of iOS you are currently using. The latest iOS 16 update came with a myriad of new features, including the ability to lift objects out of photos, edit messages after they’ve been sent and translate text in photos. Anyone who has an iPhone 8 or older is able to access th
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