Konami writer Tak Fujii announces his depart from a company

Konami writer Tak Fujii announces his depart from a company

Konami writer Tak Fujii announces his depart from a company

Last night on Twitter, Konami writer and internet meme star Tak Fujii announced his depart from a association he’s been during for 20 years.

Here’s a twitter that kicked it off:


Tak isn’t indispensably one of a some-more obvious people from a Japanese gaming stage for Westerners; titles he’s played some purpose in embody Pro Evolution Soccer, Frogger 3D, Blades of Time, and Ninety-Nine Nights II. It was that latter game, however, that done him a domicile name for some in a West.

You see, Tak was partial of Konami’s E3 2010 press conference—an eventuality that became mythological from a impulse it kicked off. The press discussion was one of a many bizarre, surreal, awkward, and waggish live broadcasts to ever occur in a industry, and a greeting was so clever that Konami switched over to doing pre-recorded presentations for each following E3.

While there were countless remarkable moments from a show, Tak’s display for Nintety-Nine Nights II generally stood out:

I had a possibility to accommodate Tak a few years ago during a pre-Tokyo Game Show party, and one of a things that unequivocally stood out to me was how good of a man he was, and how in walk he took a celebrity he perceived from that Konami press conference. He never seemed harm or angry by a reactions viewers had had, instead selecting to giggle along with them during what he knew had not been a best of press conferences. His genuine and frank nature, we have to believe, are what helped him benefit a following he has, even but carrying been a partial of many vital gaming projects.

Near a finish of final year, Tak announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Even during his treatments, he always defended a certain opinion on Twitter, creation jokes about holding “one million pills by a finish of this nightmare” and thanking all of his fans for their well-wishes. While Tak pronounced on a amicable media use that cancer wasn’t a reason for his withdrawal Konami, he’s also remarkable that he’s still traffic with a effects of a disease, and still “needs critical attention.” He also promises that he isn’t disintegrating from diversion development—he’ll only be focusing on things from some-more of a freelance and eccentric angle.

So, Tak, we wish we a best—both in in your health, and your destiny career.

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