Epson EH-TW570 Projector Review

What is a Epson EH-TW570?

The TW570 is a new bill LCD projector targeted during gamers and home cinema enthusiasts. It supports 3D as good as 2D playback, carries a built-in audio system, and delivers an HD Ready (not Full HD) fortitude of 1280 x 800. Its 3000 Lumens of light outlay creates it a brightest home cinema projector in Epson’s range, too. And it’s on sale for usually over £470 during a time of writing.

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Epson EH-TW570 – Design and Features

At usually 297mm far-reaching by 234mm low and station usually 77mm high a TW570 takes adult impressively tiny space on a coffee table. Yet it manages to squeeze a tiny character into a tiny aspect area interjection to a silken black finish and cutely dull edges and corners.
Epson TW570
It’s good to find a tiny lens stable by a shifting door, too, while a required wizz and concentration ring and a keystone ‘slider’ are all integrated utterly cleanly onto a projector’s tip edge.

Connectivity is surprising for a home projector, in that it usually includes one HDMI pier yet lots some-more multimedia options than you’d typically find. These multimedia options embody a D-Sub mechanism port, a USB-B pier for an choice mechanism tie method, a USB-A pier by that we can play photos off USB storage devices, and even discretionary wireless network support around a (not supplied) USB dongle.

Install a LAN USB and you’ll be means to tide photos into a projector from your smartphone or inscription mechanism wirelessly around a Epson iProjection app. If we can’t be worried to get a wi-fi upgrade, afterwards a TW570’s HDMI hollow is versed with MHL support for approach phone/tablet media playback.

While some of this multimedia support is acquire adequate in a complicated home sourroundings though, we can’t assistance yet feel a connectivity change altogether feels biassed towards information rather than home party uses. Especially a sustenance of usually one HDMI. Hmm.

Now we come to consider of it, a TW570’s flattering impassioned 3000 Lumens limit colour light outlay is also potentially some-more matched to information than gaming/movie uses. Though carrying pronounced that, while we’d always suggest regulating a projector in a blacked out room we do realize that it’s not always easy or even probable for a standard domicile to grasp sum dark in their projection room, in that box a arrange of liughtness claimed by a TW570 could come in handy.

Epson TW570

At slightest a high liughtness figure is assimilated by a pretty earnest 15000:1 contrariety ratio – yet this isn’t a local ratio, yet rather one achieved with a assistance of a energetic iris complement that adjusts a volume of light rising from a projector to best fit a images being shown.

Finding a energetic iris on a projector as inexpensive as a TW570 is indeed utterly considerable – alhough we’ll be on a surveillance for over-obvious liughtness shifts when putting a TW570 by a paces.

The many apparent pointer of a TW570’s affordability comes from a resolution, that delivers an HD Ready 1280 x 800 pixels rather than a Full HD 1920 x 1080 we’re apropos increasingly used to seeing, even on really inexpensive projectors.

As good as definition that a immeasurable infancy of a UK’s 1920 x 1080 HD sources will have to be ‘downgraded’ to a projector’s revoke resolution, a TW570’s 1280 x 800 pixel count doesn’t yield a local 16:9 aspect ratio. Instead it equates to 16:10 – a ratio which, again, fits improved with computer/data use than home entertainment.

The TW570 does thankfully benefaction 16:9 video during a scold ratio rather than automatically stretching it a tiny plumb as happens with one or dual local 16:10 projectors and screens we’ve tested over a years. But it still irks that you’re not removing a full advantage of a pixels you’ve paid for, and if you’ve got a 16:9 projection shade you’ll also feel angry by a approach a picture spills over a screen’s tip and bottom edges.

The TW570 supports 3D playback regulating a active complement – yet no 3D eyeglasses are enclosed giveaway with a projector, with any span we wish environment we behind around £70. Which has to be deliberate utterly an additional investment on a £470 projector.

Other facilities of note are a sustenance of dual stages of sound rebate processing; Eco and Normal flare modes (with a Eco one dropping a light outlay to 2100 Lumens); a built-in 2W orator system; an surprising yet indeed utterly useful separate shade underline enabling we to watch dual opposite inputs simultaneously; and a Turbo mode designed to revoke submit loiter when gaming.

Epson EH-TW570 – Setup

The TW570 is passably good versed with setup features. Where a pursuit of physically removing your picture in a right place on your wall or shade is concerned, there’s a tiny volume (x1.2) of visual zoom, and a wizz and concentration wheels accessed by a window on a projector’s tip corner both pierce uniformly and respond accurately to your adjustments.

The keystone ‘slider’ during a projector’s front corner is accessible too, enabling we to get a edges of your images perpendicular if, as is likely, we find yourself positioning a projector above or next a ideal position of a images on your wall or screen, or even off to a side. Though strangely a plane keystone improvement is deactivated if we use a Turbo diversion mode.
Epson TW570
There are also dropdown legs to adjust a tallness and angle of a TW570’s projection, with a usually poignant barbiturate being a miss of a straight picture change apparatus that competence have helped we equivocate a keystone adjustment. After all, while a keystone ‘slider’ works good enough, as with all keystone mechanisms it is in existence merely distorting a image’s shape, potentially shortening picture clarity in a process.

Picture adjustments in a tidy, transparent onscreen menus embody a array of essential themed presets (including Game, Cinema and Living Room colour modes), elementary liughtness contrast, colour saturation, tine and sharpness adjustments, a three-level colour heat adjustment, a choice to adjust a change of a red, immature and blue colour components, Off/Normal/Fast Auto Iris settings, and a integrate of sound rebate options.

Our categorical superintendence over these modes would be that we should use a Cinema environment in a darkened room and a Living Room environment in a splendid room, that we leave a sound rebate incited off, that we check a aspect ratio is set to 16:9 with Overscanning off for video playback, and that we rivet a Turbo mode while gaming.

If you’re anticipating a projector’s cooling sound disturbing, make certain a flare mode is set to Eco rather than Normal, as this improves things considerably.

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