Google Pixel Watch tipped to go big on watch faces

Google is set to make custom watch faces a major element of its forthcoming Pixel Watch.

Google is evidently planning a big push on new and custom watch faces for the Pixel Watch launch. Just recently, it released a brief preview video of its October 6 launch event that showcased a brand new watch face with a dedicated Google Assistant button.

That’s not the only watch face-related tidbit to have emerged around the Pixel Watch launch, either. According to 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch will support a custom watch face that utilises your images.

Having dived into the code of the latest Google Photos app, the website found mention of a “photos_watchface_preview” that lets you “Select watch face photos.”

The code seems to suggest that you’ll be able to select multiple photos and have the relevant Pixel Watch watch face cycle through them in the background, with Google Photos enforcing a limit on how many you can add.

There’s nothing to suggest that this feature will be exclusive to the Pixel Watch, but we’d be surprised if it doesn’t debut as a feature of Google’s new smartwatch.

Google will likely need to come up with a bunch of novel features like this when it launches the Pixel Watch on October 6. Just recently, we learned that prices are likely to start from $349.99, which places it closer to the Apple Watch 8 than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 on the pricing spectrum.

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